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Can You Regain Trust After Divorce and Infidelity?

I've been thinking a great deal about how the mind works after something like infidelity happens. Even the word sounds insidious doesn't it? Time after time, I've seen clients whose trust has been eroded by the ultimate betrayal, a cheating spouse. One of the questions we get in our Chandler law office is, "how do I start being able to trust again after this?" The reality is, trust is something that is difficult to build and even more difficult to rebuild. While I am not a psychologist or counselor in the emotional sense, I can say that finding the ability to trust again is possible after divorce.

I have witnessed clients who never believed they would find love or be able to trust another again go on to lead very trusting and fulfilling lives after divorce. One thing I always try to remind clients who have been cheated on is to try to think about the divorce process as a transition period. A transition that can afford you the opportunity to see a professional psychologist and to focus on yourself and what you really need from a life long partner. Divorce is truly not an end of your life, it's a beginning of a new life, one in which you allow yourself to trust again.

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