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Choosing a Chandler Divorce Lawyer

So, now you've decided to go down the path toward divorce.  After months of agonizing about your marriage and looking for the best solutions, you've reached the point where your next step should be to choose your divorce attorney.  With all the emotional turmoil involved, this is a much more involved decision than just typing Chandler Divorce Lawyer into Google and calling the signing the closest firm.  So what should you look for in a Divorce lawyer?  After listening to our Arizona clients and their needs for the past 15 years, we have a couple of ideas.

  • First and Foremost choose someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.  Divorce is messy and you'll likely have to share some pretty private information about your married life.  From finances to the bedroom, there isn't much you can or should keep from your lawyer. You'll need to be able to have these tough conversations without feeling judged or embarrassed.
  • Choose someone who speaks to you like a human being.  Toughness and legal savvy are certainly important, but your lawyer should never make you feel inferior or ignorant.  You likely don't have legal training so choose a lawyer who knows what she's doing and can communicate with you simply and educate you so that you can work together toward the best solution.
  • Toughness and integrity count.  Choosing your lawyer should not just be about who's going to go after your ex the hardest.  It should be about who is going to look out for your best interests while keeping to a high standard of ethical practice.  Choose a smart fighter who never gives up working toward your needs.
  • Choose a lawyer who is also a good listener.  You are the client, your lawyer should listen to what you need; find out your goals and then give you the very best legal advice she can. 
  • Knowledge and expertise are critical.  Ask about successful cases, and your lawyer's background.  Make sure that your lawyer knows her law and also knows how to navigate the divorce process with ease. 

These are just a few tips you can employ when interviewing prospective divorce lawyers.  We make it easy to get much of the information about our firm as possible and provide free seminars for those contemplating divorce.  Attend one soon or set up a private consultation and we'll help you find the right solution for you.

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